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This June Printed fence wrap banner mesh on a roll.

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Printed Temp Fence Wrap from $4.55 | June -20% SALE

Learning Center All products have different 'custom' specifications so we have created a template maker that shows you the best specifications and how its made.

Setup Manufacturing Specifications

   IMPORTANT   The Easy Template Maker gives you best setup specs.

We now use and recommend the Easy Template Maker for all custom sizes and options. Free!


The Easy Template Maker shows you the manufacturing artboard size, the fold over bleed needed, the finish size dimensions, recommended dpi and color mode. MORE INFO
Now used over 15,256 times. You can use it too!

How to use The Easy Template Maker

Custom options and Generate, then download.


Save in a graphics program, Overlay your creative.

Print Ready

Your order matches the specifications needed to manufacture.

It does this...

Generates a free setup file you can download, overlay your graphics on, then UPLOAD for manufacturing.


Example of pole pocket left and right specifications.

The Easy Template Maker also shows you a render picture with proposed sewing position, fold over bleed needed and 'manufacturing' diagram.

Try it!

A powerful feature of The Easy Template Maker is that you can customize your size and options, click generate and open in a graphics program, overlay your creative and upload...

It gives you...
• Fold Over Bleed (Material Over Size SETUP)
• File SETUP dimension size
• Resolution
• Color Mode
• Orientation
• Understanding of 'How is it made?'

You can use Inches or Feet, Millimetres, Centimetres or Metres

and this...

Printable specifications sheet

The banner sign information sheet can be printed or given to another designer.

and this...

Print Ready

Your order matches the specifications needed to manufacture.

It shows you:

• Recommended ONE-ONE size (1:1) for best large format print results

• Approximate Sewing Positions & Manufacturing technique for hems, folds etc Zoom and any relevant information for the options you choose as you generate the template.

• File dimension at BEST PRINTING SIZE including RESOLUTION

• Orientation (your visual pre-check) so that you can see the 'proportions and orientation' of your line items.

• The Easy Template maker also has a free PDF Info sheet you can download and print as a reference for you or another designer.

At the Calculator or Easy Template Maker... Click this to save the specifications.

The Easy Template Maker shows you everything

Open The Easy Template Maker  


We recommend you watch the 'How To' video here. IF you have an existing file? Check your file suitability here.

Learning Center

Visit the Learning Center for more great ways to use SBO for your clients.

Other Templates

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