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This June Printed fence wrap banner mesh on a roll.

Wholesale Trade Printing | Corflute® Printing

Printed Temp Fence Wrap from $4.55 | June -20% SALE

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T&C's apply

During the Covid19 crisis. Free shipping is not available on all products. See individual products.

You can track your order at every stage through to final delivery to your door. Watch and trace the various stages of your banner signs being made.

News: June 2024, Now 3 deliveries across America Everyday!


Estimated Production Time to Dispatch... ETD

Custom Orders. Indicated on the Order & Upload page is

...your order will be printed and dispatched within [ 48 ] hours... indicator.

This is also known as the 'Estimated Time to Dispatch' notice. An ETD. This is a guide only. This guide is PLUS delivery time to your location. The ETD does not consider influences such as holidays, machinery maintenance, roll changeover's etc and this may affect ETD not available on the website.

Economy or Shop products. These products are produced and shipped within 5 days.

The ETD will alter depending on 'time needed' based on sq ft / m2 print size and distance of sewing. Larger orders require more worktime and the ETD is a guide for how many print and sew hours are required.

The ETD is fluid and will increase or decrease depending on how many line items you add or remove.

  • Estimated Time to Dispatch (ETD) is a guide only.
  • Do not rely upon deadlines less than ETD + free Ground Shipping to your destination.
  • Express free shipping is not available.
  • Allow plus 3-7 days FREE shipping to your destination. Longer periods may apply for rural, regional, remote or out of area destinations.

We understand that your order may be deadline driven and we appreciate this element of our industry, however, shipping times are not guaranteed nor promised. Please allow sufficient time to ship out to your destination.

Conditions when it's not free shipping...

Some Shipping Payment Required
If your product orders are under USD$1,139 value or meterage size or weight exclusive, some partial shipping may be required. Some products may require special packaging or postal regulations and may incur some shipping. This is shown at Calculator and Cart.
If your orders are over USD$2,372 value, some partial shipping may be required that allows for.. Continue reading...

Pre Order

  • Use the Easy Template Maker
  • Use the Calculator for prices and discounts.
  • Make your full size 1:1 creative and flatten, CMYK colormode, Save As .pdf
  • Upload and Pre-Flight your details.
  • View Instant Preview for visual proofing.
  • Change, alter, add or remove any custom item.
Region or Area not serviced

If your region or area is not serviced, continue with order allocating a nearby location for pickup or extended arrangement by you. Pre-order, we will show at the shipping label page if we detect a region not serviced.

Approve & Begin

  • Confirm order details.
  • Approve Instant Preview and uploaded files.
  • Continue payment, your funds are held in a third party bank account for up-to 10 days. Release payment after your goods arrive.
  • Website returns to your special 'MyPage' where you can track the progress of your order.

During Production

  • As manufacturing begins, you will receive an inbox message of 'production started', 'cutting & inspection', item picked up by carrier etc.
  • Watch as your order moves around the factory by visiting your special 'MyPage' via your inbox.
  • When an item is picked up a tracking number is associated with your order parcel.

Track Parcel

  • As your order progresses and updates you can watch and follow the location of your parcel at various times, access the shipping company website and if required communicate with them.
  • We give you the allocated consignment details when available so you manage all aspects of delivery from your desk.
  • When you order, you are give a special 'MyPage' that you can visit that links to progress of your order and shipping company details.
Data is not yet available

1. Shipping company data may take up-to 8 hours to register within their website or systems. Please check your 'MyPage' regularly for updates. Then, once a tracking link and ID: becomes available, Self Manage your shipping via the shipping company website.

What to do if my parcel is lost?

1. Contact the shipping company for fastest solution. Advise them of your consignment parcel ID: Your Name and Address: Work through their customer service center.
2. Contact the factory support team AFTER you have made first contact with shipping company.

What to do if my parcel is delayed?

1. Contact the shipping company for fastest solution. Delays may occur for reasons we are unable to help with, Line Haul delays, weather, out of region deliveries etc. We are unable to help with delays.

We understand that deadlines are a part of the advertising industry however shipping delays are beyond our control and we have zero influence or control. Your best solution is always to talk directly with the shipping company.

What if I'm charged a Redelivery fee?

Free delivery is based on single delivery FIRST TIME attempt by carrier. Redelivery is a FEE charged to a customer and is payable. You are expected to monitor and manage your shipping via your special 'MyPage'. We do not assist with shipping management and the shipping mgt has been removed from our business plan. This is a Do-It-Yourself Wholesale Order. Nb. The customer pays for any additional fees or charges or redelivery if: Not at address at time of delivery, if: additional charges are charged to SignsBannersOnline at any stage(s), if: taxes and local charges are applied by local authorities, if: any other fees are incured.
Redelivery is payment responsibility of customer regardless of reasons. We are not the carrier, and pass all costs to you. A statement fee may also be applied.

What to do if I need to change my delivery address?

1. IMMEDIATELY contact the shipping company and have the parcels re-directed to your new address details. The shipping company may charge a fee. All re-direct fees, Express added fees, or any other are payable by you to the shipping company. We are not able to assist if your order has passed ticketing or despatch.

What to do if I my order is incorrect?

1. If your order has been mis-packed or mis-manufactured notify the factory support team. Incorrect does not mean incorrectly ordered, poorly designed artwork, color output or other manufacturing tolerances. Please check all details pre-order approval.

What to do if I need if my order is damaged?

1. IMMEDIATELY raise a damage claim with the driver and shipping company. Transportation damage is managed by the shipper. We are not able to assist.

What to do if I am unsatisfied?

1. Contact the factory support team for assistance however they are unable to help with shipping enquiries as the manage shipping element has been removed from the business plan offered to you as a wholesale buyer. If you are uncomfortable managing your own order shipping or design set up we recommend you hire a recognized talent pre-order. We are people too and are very proud of our online systems and self management approach and are always looking to improve via the factory support team so not all enquiries get lost in the cloud.


We take all care with your shipping and are very proud of our system however, shipping is beyond our control once your parcel leaves the factory and you are purchasing a 'Wholesale Supply' of your goods with SELF-MANAGE facilities. IF you are unsure how to manage shipping and tracking do not order. The factory support team do not apply to this role. This is a wholesale supply solution not retail. Certain customer service elements have been removed from our business model including SHIP OUT MANAGEMENT. Please update your 'MyPage' often and contact the shipping company directly for all details of your order and destination. Read more here T&C's


Every parcel is guaranteed for delivery with each carrier:
#1 Should a parcel be lost or non delivered for reasons outside normal carrying guidelines we will replace. We guarantee you receive product.

#2. Do not rely upon carrier estimated deadlines pre order. If your deadline is urgent or mission critical, please communicate pre order with us. Free Shipping is not express. We use standard ground shipping unless otherwise arranged pre order with you.

#3. Out of area addresses may require customer pick from depot.

Re-delivery If SBO are charged by the shipping company any further costs, second attempt, re-delivery or additional fees, this is payable by you plus any statement fees or other.

Release Payment to factory

Release payment to the factory

10 Day Buyer Protection

10 Day Buyer Protection When your order your funds are held in a neutral bank account for up to 10 Days. After your goods arrive you can release payment to the factory.

Watch as your order moves around the factory and to your door...

At your special 'MyPage' on SignsBannersOnline you can access...

  • Printable receipt
  • Statement of wholesale supply
  • Watch as your order moves around the factory
  • Track your parcel
  • Finalize the order and release payment to the factory when your goods arrive.

To your door shipping

You do not need an account or login to order. Please fill in the shipping label accurately.

When you order...

When you order, we give you access to your own special 'MyPage'. You can track the various stages of your orders manufacturing progress and shipping details.


Need factory support? Connect with our factory support team Contact Us page here

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