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How do I start? Obtaining creative for printing a large banner or sign.

You need to decide IF you can make the creative print file?... Or have a designer do it for you.

We supply buyers that can self upload their creative print files correctly for INSTANT printing on large banner sign machines. Alternatively hire a designer that can create the banner print ready files .

Minimum requirements    
• Hi Res images/photos • Scalable based logos • Graphic Design experience
• Photoshop, Illustrator etc • Ability to open template, overlay creative,, • 1:1 scale
• Correct fold over bleed • Flatten background • Save As cymk pdf

Collate all your elements

Locate and prepare all you elements, make a sketch, consider importance, what you want big, small etc. Follow your 'visual plan'.

Use the Easy Template Maker

Input your required sizes, choices and options, the generate. The Easy Template Maker opens in graphics programs. Free to use.

Ok, then comes preview and inspect

PREFLIGHT: If your file is banner print ready, you can 'pre-payment' inspect all elements of your uploaded creative print file via our Instant Preview free. Use the calculator.

People inspecting the product pre-ship out of the web2print signs and banners plus logo


Artwork specifications

Is my file suitable?

Table of allowed formats

Send non-print ready files

Step 1, 2 and 3 explained

How to upload

View and approve

Follow the progress

Custom vinyl banner signs

May 2024 Factory Sale also includes Free Shipping

IMPORTANT Typically large banners and signs need large files. If you are unsure how to create a large BANNER PRINT READY file we recommend you hire a professional graphic designer or go to Let Us Design and we can do it for you.

Free ship out to over 150 countries!

You will need a correctly formatted file for each line item you order.

Do it yourself

Start by choosing the finished order size using the Order & Upload Calculator.

Choose your fabric options, fasteners and fittings etc.

Then, Download the Artwork Specifications and Easy Template Maker files.

Then, Open your Easy Template in Photoshop. Overlay your design, flatten and save as a pdf.

Upload and view the Instant Preview. Approve the online proof. Printing begins.

Do it yourself HELP

We recommend you watch our handy 'How to' videos. A few minutes here can explain and show great ways to get it all together.

Factory support

We also offer FREE factory support to help you achieve excellent results. Ask a quick question or chat live.

It may be value for you to visit and look for trade printing of display and mesh etc. Maxi-width printing on polyesters.

You can save -20% OFF Fabric Banners

Sharing Services Digitally grand format maxi-width printed in full colour to a thicker material than flag fabric these lightweight, washable banners can be folded for convenient transport and storage. They are popular fabric banner signage and available here.

A few questions for banner print ready files

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May -- Custom Work -- Did you know 90% of our work is custom size to your needs? It's easy... Ask us how.

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