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- Sewing Positions

Sewing Positions

Safety Graphic Area = Sewing Positions

Using an industrial sewing or welding machines our team of sign makers fold and sew hems, pole pocket sleeves, sew the hook n loop and other items with color thread you choose suited to the order.

We call this the 'SAFETY GRAPHICS AREA' and recommend you do not put important elements where a thread or weld line will be located.

TIP: Choose a thread color suited to your graphics. Sewing Colors

Manufacturing Sewing Positions - From Face Edge FFE

Hems Pole Pockets Specials/Other
Hemmed: 25mm, FFE: 18mm
Reinforced: 25mm, FFE: 18mm
Knife Edge Only: None
SBO offers 5 pole pocket sizes
  • 1/2" 12mm = FFE: 29mm
  • 1" 25mm = FFE: 54mm
  • 2" 50mm = FFE: 143mm
  • 3" 75mm = FFE: 193mm
  • 4" 100mm = FFE: 234mm
  • Note: This allows for conical drop.
Wedge Edge 11x3, FFE: 4mm
Wedge Edge 16x4, FFE: 5mm
Flag Left FFE: 48mm
Flag Edges FFE: 6mm
Flag Fly End. See ETM
When using Hook n Loop
HNL 25mm FFE: 18mm
HNL 50mm FFE: 48mm
Flag Top Pocket. See ETM NOTES: These sizes may change dependant on material choice.
We recommend you use the Easy Template Maker.
  Video Help How Professionals Use SBO

We use and recommend the Easy Template Maker to show approximate sewing positions.


FFE diagram What is the face edge?
- - - - -AND - - - - -
What is 'from face edge'?

The front printing side is the face of your banner. The underside hem is called underside hem.

FROM the finished order size edge INWARDS to the middle of the banner is called FROM FACE EDGE (FFE).

SAFETY GRAPHICS AREA: We recommend you keep all graphics 1" 25mm AWAY from sewing positions.

All product (excluding knife edge only) MUST have extra dimension for manufacturing a hem. The hem is folded over. You can have graphic printed edges but remember, these will be folded over.
Also see: 'Fold over bleed'

Q. What colors can I choose? Sewing Colors.
Uploading: The Number #1 thing people need to get right

Banner Tape

Things to consider: WE DO NOT use banner tape edges or self adhesive edging. Cheap techniques to secure edging may deteriorate outdoor, fail to carry load or seperate over time. SBO proudly supply quality products.

Safety Graphics Area

The Safety Graphics Area is inside the sewing postions. You can check this by using the Easy Template Maker.


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