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> > - Set up POLE POCKET SLEEVES the easy way!

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Pole Pockets

Industry Tips & Setup
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2024 Produced by Design Department

Pole pockets need added dimension to your file so you'll want to watch this video.

When you want to make a banner sign or send the design to your sign company for printing and sewing it is important you specify the correct size pole sleeve. have a free tool that sets the perfect dimensions. "look at how to set up" It is used by sign companies, canvas companies, sewing and graphic design firms everywhere when they layout graphics for printing signs and banners custom.

It also works for banner welding pvc vinyl banner sizes.

Use for: Hanging Banners, Carry and Expo

  • Hanging rod Banners.
  • Carrying your banner with two people, choose left and right rod pocket sleeves.
  • Indoor displays and large format shopping centre mall displays.
  • Window Banners - Prop backdrops, visual merchandising backers, window dressing displays and more. A window banner sign is important for passing traffic and window dressing impact.
  • Expo and trade show graphics.

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