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This July Printed fence wrap banner mesh on a roll.

Wholesale Trade Printing | Corflute® Printing

Printed Temp Fence Wrap from $4.55 | July -20% SALE

"We are so happy with our event barrier covers and promoted sponsor wraps."

"We have saved more than half of previous years and with perfect results."
TP Run For Life Our limited 'deploy/circuit' times means we need to affix our sponsor promotions to the portable barriers fast. S B O's capability of long run printing with fitted grommets has reduced our deploy time by 1/3.

Signs Banners Online make expert barrier wraps custom made for your event or barrier hire size. This image depicts installation of a printed crowd barrier sign for the sponsor.

Event Barrier Wraps USA

Also known as Wraps barrier covers make events successful.

Providing coverage for your sponsors is vital for a successful event. Signs Banners Online supply more long runners than ever before and huge discounts are applied for event signage here.

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Tip: Measure your span width including 'gap' between each of the metal barriers. The ideal fit is from metal to metal.

Recently conducted Baltimore MD print covers example now here.

Big signs keeps price lower

Long spans keep prices lower
Great art design keeps your brand in-front

S B O have capabilities to print 75 feet plus single span 'no join' runners.

Event barricade cover graphics

Half the price of jackets.

Made to suit portable steel barricades, plastic and vinyl, you can also use on expandable pedestrian gates and safe zones. They also look great televised. It's all about making your sponsors visible.

  • Perfect for quick deploy and pull down
  • Lightweight super strong
  • Easily transported fitted or packaged
  • Washed for storage & reuse
  • Vibrant color and crisp logos
  • Variable sizing options
  • Reduce windload (anti tip)
  • Contractual Agreements between organizers
  • Durapolyfabrics Event banner material

Temporary crowd fence with banners

Midtown sponsor local communities showing the fence banner hire panels.

As spectators behind the fence are rooting for passing competitors or people cheering at a festival, your print designs will be top of mind.

When designing portable barrier banners for events with repeated logos, try using vector based imagery.

If you place brand logos into your event design it will be better. This shows how a Buick logo is made into the event signage.

Using popular graphic making software if you place a line base or also known as vector element into your files, remember to flatten for final printing. We show you how to start here.

How the barriers work

Each barrier snips into the base legs. The main carriage (fence part) has uprights that are insert into bridge foot or flat foot of the crowd barricades (this makes them now freestanding). The signage or 'boost' area should be measured from inner metal to inner metal so that your banner is not too large. This makes tying easier. You also need a "+plus" gap between each barricade when spanning long lengths so that when multiple barricades are joined together, you are measuring the 'overall' length of the fence.

Many standard size barricade metal systems are 8'7" 6'7" 4'7" wide for public event usage. The heights vary from hire firm to hire firm. It is recommended you measure or call the hire out company for actual size of the boost area when multiple barriers are joined to form a long fence that you put on your clients advertising.

Grommets: Most designers choose 20 inch (most popular) or 40 inch settings.

Also note: When designing your printing sizes allow for the upright inserted into next frame using the standard hook or half-loop fastening system. It may affect the long fence dimensions. Ask your local hire out supplier for your event the added distance for each join.

Height of sign: Check with hire out company. This alters on varying systems. Allow 2 inch free area top and bottom for tying points, wires, straps or using plastic ties that will circumference around the metal bars.

Price/Budget: For double viewing applications, It is cheaper and better to fit two(2) banners each side of the fence. See the calculator for your custom size jumbo and continuous quantity discount pricing.

Set up deploy / dismantle: Consider the requirement time for set up deploy and dismantle. Often longer spans 20 feet to 30 feet per section gives you quicker 'handling' time rates. S B O regularly provide long spans with full color designs for our corporate client designers and event managers.

Event psychology of patrons Short barrier jackets are not effective barriers. Many people consider a 'jacket' as an opening in the fence. The best technique for crowd control is long span joined partitions with seamless attachments. Psychological Effects of Signage - By Scott Snr 2008

Fence covers prevent people breaking the fence.

Man breaking through a fence at an event

Use appropriate nylon zip ties to secure your signage to the event perimeter signs.

Plastic zip ties sometimes referred to as cable ties and cuff straps

Common barricade sizes used at public events

Marketing & Event Promotions.

As modern customers look for a producer of creative economical ways to enhance their corporate image and maximize their clients marketing message at trade shows convention or local community individualized events they are turning toward long span runners and branded event signage. Their Marketing & Promotions division can help by achieving their objectives with printed fence skirting, barricade covers, fitted sets, backdrop draperies, banners and interview background logo walls. All products are manufactured to custom specifications with several printing options to choose from. With no minimum order, now if you're business is large or small, S B O can help you achieve your brand marketing objectives.

"As a designer, you can arrange it all from your desk knowing Signs Banners Online have the experience to deliver." J. Evans EventPro 2011 IL US

Make your festival and marketing materials great.Design is often thought of as "pretty pictures", but engaging the eyes of your visitors is an important part of getting them to stick around. Though people might subconsciously accept poor design a great design will be remembered.

Customers are ordering from a factory saving maximum discounts and best quality outcomes

As a major supplier of grand format printing Agencies, Management firms and promotors are accessing a direct output source for their barrier print supply lines in USA and Multi National events.

Custom barricade wraps design for corporate banner sign. Shows the fitted single barricade along with multi set barricades as used at special events for crowd control, sectioning and management. The banner wrap is custom size.

Common applications of long span printing

Viewing Area

Event fence hire covers - branded sponsor and event sign cover for barrier fence

As used for prominent public space viewing locations these event fence hire covers are branded with the sponsor logo.


Big custom banner specialists, Signs Banners Online supply many companies with printed custom made and large big size banner signage prints.Custom banners made for event marketing

Setting a high quality standard means graphic and creative design firms USA can rely upon a successful business line for outputting their creative printing and banner sign manufacturing... all direct from the factory.


These simple runners are fitted to bleacher balconies and surround the arena for a 3 day championship event - County Trampoline Championships

These simple runners are fitted to bleacher balconies by zip ties and surround the arena for a 3 day championship event - County Trampoline Championships

Community fair banner tied to the barrier fence San Antonio.

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