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This June Printed fence wrap banner mesh on a roll.

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Printed Temp Fence Wrap from $4.55 | June -20% SALE

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Fence Wraps

Shows both sides of the site wrap
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2024 Produced by Warehouse Team

Fence and site wrap is popular for construction and building contractor local managers advertising their project and identifying the site/contractor on the hoarding, scaffolding or temporary fencing rent panels. It is a strong polyester material and better suited for banner signage printing and gives the brightest printing coverage.

As a contractor, building, fence, hoarding, scaffold company in your area you can also send the size specifications to your graphic designer or freelancer and they can set your files suitable for grand format mesh printing onto the fence banner materials.

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The banner or site screen mesh (printed) is tested on the fence ready to send to the temporary fence hire company.

Custom sizes... you do not need a minimum roll or height... Printed Fence Screen is an inexpensive solution offering full color design, personality, privacy and the ability to change the look of any fence cost effective logo application when multiple repeat logos are needed.

New digitally printed fence screens offer the opportunity to beautify the construction site and benefit of promoting the store brands added to the project. Also add on safety messages and safe work logos.

Signs Banners Online use the best mesh banner for fence wraps and site covers.

Tip: The printing technique is disperse sublimation ink which penetrates the material = no scratch.

Put together by the warehouse team so you can see how it works, the mesh is tied to the fence using hooks and plastic cuffs zip ties.

Use DuraFence Mesh for:
  • Construction Site Contractor Advertising
  • Temporary Fence Rental Screening
  • Privacy and Dust Control Screens
  • Medium Term Outdoor Advertising

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It is preferred by retailers because: Closer weave pattern is superior to shade cloth prints. Full color graphics, photo-graphics and client illustrations are better reproduced. No minimum size required. Custom made sizes and lengths allow contractors to use differing artwork and site locations for each project more effectively. Extra Feature: DBFM banner media is engineered with a print receptive treatment and when printed it displays a wide array of vivid colors with outstanding color consistency.

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