Rope Hi-Tenacity 3 Strand Polypropylene ROPE
Hi-Tenacity PP Rope White 3 Strand
Thickness: 1/4 inch. 6 mm
1/32 inch. 8 mm
1/2 inch. 12 mm
Finish: White
Features: Sewn inside hem

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3 Strand Poly rope is ideal for outdoor use and will not rot or absorb water.

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Vinyl banners and advertising, tying to poles, eyebolts and between spans. The 'inner' hem technique offers the strongest 'pull' strength.

A quality product of rope is used by SBO when manufacturing seam and hemmed ropes.


  • Available WHITE ONLY
  • Breaking Strain 1/4 inch - 640 lbs. 6mm- 290KG
  • Breaking Strain 1/32 inch - 1300 lbs. 8mm- 590KG
  • Breaking Strain 1/2 inch 2100 lbs. 12mm- 990KG
  • Not affected by water and does not absorb water
  • Excellent abrasion and shock load resistance
  • UV Stabilized PP

SAFETY: Molten polymer causes thermal burns. For molten polymer, cool rapidly with water. Do not attempt to remove from skin. Obtain medical attention for burn. CONDITIONS TO AVOID Direct exposure to flame or excessive heat.

Large Corporate Orders: If you require a special blend or color rope, please arrange this pre-order with the factory support team. Minimum orders apply.