Flag Clips (sister clips) PP
#CLIPS Fastners
Flag Clips
Width: 40mm x 24mm x 7.5mm PP
Finish: White.
Features: Hole A: id 10mm Hole B: id 8mm Slit: 1.5mm

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The generic sister clip is capable of joining to 'other sister clip' or being used as a halyard clip.
Interlocking plastic clips that twist to seal. Use for Halyard and Flag raising systems for quick attachment. Choose different alignment orientation options for securing the clip positon. Page Link | See How others are using this product here.


An easy and convenient way to raise your flags. Supplied pre-joined using webbing. Can be tied or clipped to other fittings/cords.


  • Easy operation
  • All soft edges
  • Plastic No Rust
  • Special OPTIONS
    1. Choose Multiple Clips
    2. Choose spacing options for vertical clips
  • Holds fast. Manual UN-link required.
  • Operate in low light.