HEMS Perimeter Finishes
#HEMS - Finishes
HEM - Vertical or Horizontal, Inner or Outward
Width: 1" 25mm
Finish: Polyester 3 bond UV Thread
Overlapped Hem

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Typically a banner sign is finished with a single thread 7mm 1/3" ± 3 Bond Polyester UV COATED Thread to secure the edge perimeter of your banner with a locking stitch either end of the thread for elongated lengths and a covered lock stitch where hems overlap.
This provides a strong hem.
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Perimeter folds, banners, displays, covers, custom.


  • UV Bonded Thread
  • Choice of thread colors
  • Printed graphic edges
  • Lock off stitches

The number of applications for hemming are numerous and typically apply to the perimeter of your banner or sign. We may also hem a similar technique for large banner sign joins, internal diameter pole pocket surrounds and underside fittings eg: Hook n Loop.

Thread distance from perimeter edge may vary suited to your product or it's intended use and/or manufacturing processes.

PSA: Rubberized pressure sensitive tape may be used to position your options via sewing/manufacturing stages undertaken and potential residue may be resulting. Do not remove as this may 'dirty' your print. Do not use mineral based cleaners or solvents on any printed items.

Long directional hems - To keep your banner sign flowing, typically we hem the verticals then horizontals. If production requires alteration of first hem we do not inform customers. This is a factory decision only related to the best manufacturing outcome of large banners.

GRAPHIC EDGES. You may design your banners or displays with graphic edges but remember these will be folded over.

RECOMMENDATION: Use The Easy Template Maker for all pre-design elements including fold over bleed, safety areas and pole pocket dimensions.