INK CMYK Color System
Name: DuraPrint-DS1 12 color system (4x3) (High Pigment Inks)
System: a) ROLL TO ROLL Printing Banner/Mesh.
b) Eco Solvent direct to PVC or similiar. Outdoor UV stable. (Blue Wool Scale) BWS Scale 5
Outdoor Hard Grade UV inking systems (CMYK) Outdoor UV Stable. (Blue Wool Scale) BWS Scale 4
System: a) Dye Sublimation Heat Fixation to Polyester Materials (fabrics). Indoor
b) UV to Canvas's. Indoor
and/or c) HP Latex direct to substrate. Outdoor UV Stable. Blue Wool Scale BWS 3
Colors: C M Y K 4 color digital 1440,720 minimum dpi at print head
Durability UV STABLE OUTDOOR INKS are used on PVC, Mesh and Substrate PRINTING
a) PVC/MESH: 5 Years UV Stable
b) Subtrate UV CURE PRINTING 3-5 year (5+ if laminated)
INDOOR FABRIC c) DYE SUB: 12+ mth outdoor situational.
Note: Colors may vary depending on white point value and overlay value of (batched) originating mill roll / substrate / fabric.

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This color is kept common however may vary without notice.
NOTE: Production processes may result in different color output than stated: We do not provide color matching facilities and all output manufacturing is via DEFAULT PROFILES. Other manufacturing influences are not taken into consideration.

BWS The Blue Wool Scale measures and calibrates the permanence of colouring dyes. Traditionally this test was developed for the textiles industry but it has now been adopted by the printing industry as a measure of "lightfastness" of ink colourants and also within the polymer industry for measurement of pigment & colour stability (lightfastness). Lightfastness is the chemical stability of the pigment or dye under long exposure to light.

Note: this should not be confused with Permanence or fastness which refers to the chemical stability of the pigment in relation to any chemical or environmental factor, including light, heat, water, acids, alkalis, or mold. For example, the pigment ultramarine blue is extremely lightfast, but it will fade if brushed with a dilute acid.

The Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in light is responsible for the ink fading and hence the change in the blue wool. Hence the blue wool scale has been widely adopted as a standard during UV exposure or UV weathering tests.

Introducing DuraPrint-DS1, a new high-productivity sublimation ink fine-tuned for production and high-volume printing. Formulated by USA Ink Technology DuraPrint-DS1 allows fabrics to immediately move into higher productivity for sublimation printing. It utilizes greater printer speeds while maintaining true consistency across an unmatched range of brilliant colours and durability.

As the industry quickly evolves and introduces faster and faster printers technologies it is important to have an equally powerful ink that is productive, efficient and reactive in its process. DuraPrint-DS1 exceeds all tests.

Zero denotes extremely poor colour fastness whilst a rating of eight is deemed not to have altered from the original and thus credited as being lightfast. Most apparel will have a light fastness of 4 whereas most printing will have a light fastness of 2-5.

5 being best..

Blue Wool / ASTM lightfastness standards
A B Comments
8 900 I. Excellent lightfastness. Blue wool 7-8. The pigment will remain unchanged for more than 100 years of light exposure with proper mounting and display. (Suitable for artistic use.)
7 300
6 100 II. Very good lightfastness. Blue wool 6. The pigment will remain unchanged for 50 to 100 years of light exposure with proper mounting and display. (Suitable for artistic use.)
5 32 III. Fair lightfastness (Impermanent). Blue wool 4-5. The pigment will remain unchanged for 15 to 50 years with proper mounting and display. ("May be satisfactory when used full strength or with extra protection from exposure to light."))
4 10
3 3.6 IV. Medium lightfastness (Fugitive). Blue wool 2-3. The pigment begins to fade in 2 to 15 years, even with proper mounting and display. (Suitable for short term artistic use.)
2 1.3
1 0.4 V. Poor lightfastness (Fugitive). Blue wool 1. The pigment begins to fade in 2 years or less of light exposure, even with proper mounting and display. (Not suitable for artistic use.)

Faster Printing, Increased Productivity

With faster drying times, enabling the use of ultra-high-speed wide format printers, DuraPrint-DS1 improves work flow and decreases production time.

Intense Colour, Ability to replicate Spot Colours

DuraPrint-DS1 offers the colour combination that is most effective for applications and customers traditional CMYK mix for an expanded colour gamut and the ability to reasonably achieve spot colours for smoother gradient transitions and impressive photographs with soft, realistic skintones.

Suitable for: Each unique industry has distinctive production requirements for achieving the high standards such as apparels, signage and banners, tradeshow graphics, narrow web, and the unique needs of your applications so we have developed an optimized product solution that incorporates the very best technologies to get the most out of your modern software capabilities and for this reason DuraPrint-DS1 leads the way to hit even the most difficult to replicate spot colours and has a wide colour gamut with even the blackest of blacks merging pefectly with the full automated systems Signs Banners Online employ.

  • Formaldehyde free
  • Excellent color gamut
  • Strong color intensity
  • Easy to establish color profile
  • High productivity and runnability
  • Fast drying time
  • No bleeding and no migration
  • Excellent outdoor UV life

Flags and Banners 100% polyester
Indoor Outdoor banners, display fabrics, tents etc. Decoration
Sports equipment e.g. bags, ski, etc.

Dye Sub Printing/Fixation Process

Transfer by heat of calendar at 190-280°C

Bulk ink bottle as used for sublimation printing by Signs Banners Online ink.

Bulk ink bottle magenta Bulk ink bottle yellow Bulk ink bottle black