Banner Stand Tongues Fit to winder
#TONGUEBOT - Finishes
Extra Material included Typically used for banner stand fitting
Height: 300 mm - 1'ft
Unprinted: Extended distance of unprinted material provided for wrapper or winder
Same as material selected at order  

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Note: Choose this option if you are fitting a replacement or new graphic to the banner stand winder or flag. Most banner stands (roller or retractable) need between 6 inches to 1' Footoverlap on the bottom of the graphic so that you can attach to the sprung roller system and fit a new printed graphic.
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Popular model banner stands and retractable bases, flip the graphic for theatre hanging motorized systems and other handy uses.

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The number and variety of cheap banner stands on the market is immense so please remove your existing graphic from your stand and measure it.